9995 Cord Shade Card

9995 Twisted Cord - Explained

'Standard' range

Our 'standard' colours are marked on the shade card below in bold. We try to keep stock of these in 5mm and 9mm widths (3-strand cord). 
If you require more than the amount we have available, please email sales@barnettlawson.co.uk and we will ensure we order in enough stock for you. There is no minimum order on these colours in 5mm and 9mm widths.

'Non-Standard' Range

Some limited stock of 'non-standard' colours and widths is sometimes available at a reduced price for clearance. This will be shown on the product page. 'Non-standard' widths are 1.25mm, 2.5mm, 4mm and 7.5mm (all 2-strand cords). 

If you require more than what is available in our 'non-standard' colours or lengths, you can make a special order by emailing sales@barnettlawson.co.uk. These are available to order by the reel, which is: 
100m or 1000m for 1.25mm (2-strand)
80m for 2.5mm (2-strand)
25m or 100m for 4mm (2-strand)
25m or 275m for 7.5mm (2-strand) - also available as a flanged cord.
The cord will be sold at full price, but will be eligible for our usual wholesale discounts (10% off 10 metres+ and 30% off 25 metres+). 
Refunds and cancellations cannot be made on items ordered especially, once the order has been placed. 
To enquire further, please email sales@barnettlawson.co.uk