9869 Cotton Cord Shade Card

9869 Cotton Twisted Cord - Explained

'Standard' range

Our 'standard' colours are marked on the shade card below in bold. We replenish and hold stock of these in all four widths. The 2.5mm width is sold by the 50m reel and has a wholesale discount already applied within the price. 5mm, 7.5mm and 10mm are sold by the metre with no minimum order quantity and is eligible for our usual wholesale discounts (10% off 10 metres+ and 30% off 25 metres+). 
If you require more than the amount we have available, please contact us and we will ensure we order in enough stock for you.

'Non-Standard' Range

Some limited stock of 'non-standard' colours is sometimes available at a reduced price for clearance. 'Non-standard' colours are listed on the shade card below in italics .

We can supply our non-standard range on a wholesale basis (by the reel). These special orders can be placed by emailing sales@barnettlawson.co.uk. The reel sizes are as follows: 
50m for 2.5mm (2-strand)
25m for 5mm (2-strand)
25m for 7.5mm (3-strand)
25m for 10mm (3-strand)
Special orders are eligible for our usual wholesale discount (30% off 25 metres+).
Refunds and cancellations cannot be made on items ordered especially, once the order has been placed.
To enquire further, please email sales@barnettlawson.co.uk.
9869 cotton twisted cord shade card