Product Showcase: Opposite Day

Product Showcase: Opposite Day

You may have (or more likely may not have) heard that today is Opposite Day. 

"What on earth is Opposite day?" I hear you cry. Well, other than a convenient reason for me to create this blog post, it is a chance to spend the day doing or saying the opposite of what you would normally do or say. In the middle of sewing reams of braid onto a jacket? Why not spend today unpicking it all instead? 

Or maybe skip that and don't read on... (see what I did there?)

If you've seen any of my 'creative' photos before, you'll know that colour matching is my favourite. Matching my backdrops to the products I'm photographing is possibly the most enjoyable part of the process for me and I can't get enough of it. BUT, in honour of Opposite Day, I've consulted my trusty colour wheel in order to bring you some contrasting combinations.

I hope you hate them. 


 A close-up image of twisted cord on a contrasting background

Purple and Yellow: this bold pairing of 9995 9mm in colours 0018 and 0222 reminds me of court jesters and Mardi Gras. 

Black and White Pom Pom Braids are laid on a contrasting background

Black and white: A classic colour combo, this makes the softness of 7314 12mm small bobble braid seem a whole lot less delicate. 

Orange and Blue fringes are placed freely on contrasting coloured backgrounds

Orange and blue: Be transported to the warmth of the Mediterranean with this invigorating colour combination. Both warming and cooling at once, 9540 Cut Acetate Fringe in Orange 0114 and 7306 16mm Cotton Fringe make a satisfying pair.  

small red and green braids a laid loosely on contrasting backgrounds

Red and Green: Who said red and green should never be seen? 8518 9mm Viscose Flower Style Gimp Braid in Bright Red 0113 and Green 23 are a match made in heaven. 

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  • Emily Langley